Microsoft Wired Desktop 600

SOMETIMES, YOU JUST need a basic keyboard and mouse, and the Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 delivers just that. Bargain hunters can find the combo online for under $20,  but $25 or so is more common.

It’s also often found bundled with desktops for sale. The keyboard can be bought separately, too,  for under $15. It’s nothing exciting, but is full size, with a numpad on the right.

It’s the usual rubber dome affair, but typing is fairly pleasant for a budget option. The keyboard has an array of media keys, plus a calculator hotkey. It claims to be spill resistant so can hopefully shrug off a dropped coffee.

The mouse is a classic Microsoft design, can be used as a lefty or righty, and had a central scroll-wheel/ button. It’s pretty comfortable, but on the small side for large hands. The keyboard is backed by a decent three-year warranty, too, which is nice.

The keyboard measures in at 45.6cm wide and 16cm deep, while the mouse is 11.3cm long and 5.8cm wide.

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