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Trekker cameras

A fl eet of Google Street View cars has been capturing panoramic images of our roads and buildings for some time now, but there are certain areas they haven’t...


AI in videogames

As many gaming devices now use GPUs as their processing chip, videogames are able to make use of the increased power and human-like thinking of NPC...


Inside a GPU

One of the key ways that robots are able to catch up with humans in terms of raw processing power is by taking advantage of graphics processing units (GPUs)...


Iris scanning

Iris scanning is underpinned by the fact that no two irises – the textured coloured muscle that regulates the size of your pupil – are identical. They develop...


Facial recognition

Humans are exceptionally skilled at recognising and distinguishing faces – there’s even a special region of the brain devoted to the task – but computers are...


PointGrab’s PointSwitch

This nifty gadget allows you to control multiple appliances – lights, entertainment systems, air-con and more – from across the room simply by pointing and...


Solar City = Green City

A microgrid is a small scale energy system that uses distributed energy resources (DERs) to balance local needs. It can operate either in conjunction with, or...


Sleep Number Sleep IQ

Sleep IQ monitors you as you sleep, tracking your heart rate, breathing rate, movements and sleep cycles to calculate the quality of your sleep and help you fi...